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HOW TO TURN YOUR RED STATE BLUE, by Stacey Abrams and Lauren Groh-Wargo.

Updated: May 26, 2021

At its most basic, organizing is talking to people about important issues, plus moving them to take collective action. First, you need a resonant issue to organize around. Then you need a concrete goal to organize toward. … If your political identity is so inchoate as to be meaningless, you never gain the ability to persuade other people to join you. … [However,] bringing in new voices and changing the traditional conversation about how to win does more than defy the status quo. It invites an existential crisis and threatens livelihoods [even among your fellow Democrats]. To build a new battleground state, any leaders pushing this evolution will face resistance and, at times, open warfare from those who are on their side of the aisle but also on the other side of the struggle for ascendancy.

New York Times, 2/11/2021

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